Pest Exclusion and Prevention


Many people think that pest control is all about killing the critters that have gotten into your home and garden. That the only way to effectively control pests is to give them the heave ho with harsh chemicals and voracious cleaning. However, those who have been in the business know that in order to effectively control pets, the first step is exclusion. A way to keep pests out of the home so that you do not need to exterminate them.

There is no need to kill pests if they are unable to get into the home and not only does exclusion make it easier to manage the pests that do get in, but it is a good way to manage other things such as faulty structural places and holes in the home that should be patched up with our without pets. Knowing how to exclude pests depends on the pest at hand, but there are a lot of similarities.

Knowing how to effectively exclude

Exclusion means that you need to be aware of what needs to be done in order to keep pests out. That whether it is a large pest or a small pest, there are ways to keep it out and stop it from breeding, which will in turn save a lot of problems in the future. No matter the pest, we can give you exactly what you need to allow you to keep them out of your home so that you do not need to have them exterminated.

When it comes to keeping them out, patching up holes is the first step and keeping things clean. Most pests are attracted to holes in the foundation or windows as well as breeding grounds and sources of standing water. These are the first few steps to exclusion, and you can read further to find out more.

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